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Two Faced

As an art education student, you are required to put together a body of work in a concentration area and host a senior show exhibition prior to graduation.

Throughout my time in college, I found a strong passion for ceramics and throwing on the potters wheel. I decided to declare my concentration in ceramics to learn and grow more as a ceramicist. I have taken three levels of ceramics courses that has allowed me to find what I like to work with. My senior show work consists of porcelain vessels that have been thrown on the wheel and then altered to show movement.

For my senior show, I have created a body of work that focuses on abstract vessels. Each vessel will be in correlation to a music genre that portrays the movement and expression of that specific type of music. My work focuses on the visualization aspect that music can have on its audience. I have used a variety of carving, shaping, and altering techniques to show music through the movement of the forms.

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